Hello my friends!United | Playing For Change. Móni and Mazsi. 

 In 2011 the Playing for Change crew partnered with the United Nations to present an original song called 'United' around the world to serve as an anthem for the earth's 7 billion people. Both Mazsi and Móni were asked to feature in this project and music video.


2013-10-23 14:52:11
German Concert and Interview 

Listen to our concert recorded by WDR (West German Radio) and an interview with us:


2011-09-12 15:33:33
Fifth in Europe 

Our album, Kétháné is on the 5th place on the World Music Charts Europe list in September. This is a list of the best albums of the respective month put together by editors of world music programmes of 23 radios all over Europe.

We are proud of the result and hope that through it , our music will reach to even more people in Europe.

We thank to everybody who helped with the CD, first off all our label, Dániel Gryllus and Birgit Ellinghaus (Albakultur - Köln)!

2011-09-12 14:58:06
German Tour 


We are writing from Germany, where we are having our 18-station-long concert-tour. So far we have given a dozen of them, including one in Utrecht, one in Amsterdam and one in Brussels. Otherwise we play in Nordrhein-Westfalen. The German audinece is full of enthusiasm and we enjoy playing for them.

Infos about the rest of the concerts:


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