Pro Cultura Minoritatum Hungariae. 

 Vice - president Award!

After the announcement of the Artist Award yesterday,
Mónika Lakatos has won an Award for her national and international success in world music and achievements in familiarizing and popularize the traditional gipsy music.
Our happiness is gorgeous!

2020-09-25 10:24:41
The greatest award of the world music! 

 Dear Friends!

Mónika Lakatos will receive the Womex Artist Award this year!In the whole world Mónika is the first gipsy and the first Hungarian solo vocalist who won this prize.In 2008 Muzsikás also won this Artist award.We are very happy about it!Award giving ceremony: 24. October Palace of Arts.All the bests for everyone!

2020-09-25 10:19:42
Merry Christmas - Happy New Year to everyone 

2019-12-24 12:02:04
Romengo tour in South America 

 Dear Friends,

Romengo celebrating its 15th birthday this year, after Malaysia, Mexico, South-Corea, India and Uzbekistan tours in South America between the 12th and 22nd of September.
We will give concerts in Ecuador, Peru and Colombia.
Great thanks to Hungarian Embassies to Bogota, Quito and Lima for the invitations and mediation to make the performances come true.
We are glad for this opportunit

2019-09-09 17:23:09
Romanimo WMCE. 2018. Top 200. 14. 

 Dear Friends!

Dear Everyone!

We are happy to announce to you as well that Mónika's Romanimo album was voted for the 14th place of the yearly top 200 list of World Music Charts Europe 2018 by 48 world music radio broadcasters of 24 counties. Romanimo was selected by the jury from nearly 800 albums, considering professional point of views.
So you also can get information now from the recently published top 20 list about the other albums as well, clicking the link below.
Thank you very much for the placing and we congratulate by heart to the listed bands.[0]=68.ARBeSZWWIJzEsN_Odibh7g-deeSTDlBxzROU8jycP0Dt4_7b3ytYVxE3QSeq9o8d4bqRij_dqJjNJjN5clGzxW1RYP7lDhU6YwJwFWlJrzI4OYs-33qlJOwjLH5RlUtzjqRqRB71pd8lI-j6CKRyllFb-fpkMG6Vib635SCzyNuebkciYR9lJFHVKbBedOC5qwltUxP0EsRx_w4YDwYjvPLb1AC8g4kqEB_uhrWWdpl8pLCMlhG8QseLzXAP4GMKDumcgMGwQxjFAtBhv1Ih1bxQ3xFjjfZ2wBgO4HcfBXFlK2eyc7TmZfnh6Fk3rRPGOriITh2DSst1iic-BjgzeFxBEFjtKwfCfa7i-m8PH0QqdKfb93IphVCOJk27BWoLImYKvYKtvDzAM6hHlKw2qRzZYBOfJpUDKr1PXOJY4CNkwmMejD46ncdyvbqkspxSIYt9EDo_6jxfwRd1xg9rjjQ-lOqBvyz53O_ouYzYJcE0N50&__tn__=C-R

2018-12-10 18:22:36
Meet you at Womex! B87 

2018-10-14 13:21:13
Gipsy Kings - Romengo 

2018-10-14 13:17:47
Gipsy Kings - Romengo okt 29.

2018-09-27 15:33:04
Romengo & Mendellsohn Kamarazenekar

2018-09-13 12:18:22
Roma Ritmo/ Budapest Ritmo  

2018-09-13 12:09:34